Large and listed companies

Mazars' specialists in auditing, financial advisory and tax advisory have extensive experience in helping listed and larger companies achieve their goals. With our expertise, we offer a wide range of services, which are tailored to meet your specific needs.

We provide a wide range of services to listed and larger companies. We are an integrated, international and multicultural partnership with the scale to serve global clients while remaining agile and personal in our approach. It is important to us to always preserve our local anchoring and closeness to our clients.

In addition to auditing and internal auditing, we offer financial advisory and tax advisory.

Our financial advisors support financing matters and business transactions. They help analyze a financial situation and formulate strategic recommendations regarding investments, divestitures and capital structure. They also assist in conducting risk assessments, resolving commercial disputes and providing valuation opinions. Other important services are review of contract compliance, financial investigations and consultancy to advance the sustainability agenda.

Our tax advisors have a wide arsenal of services where analysis and advice connected to your tax situation, your transactions, restructuring and international tax issues are just a few examples. They keep updated on the latest tax regulations and give advice based on what is happening in the tax area in Sweden and internationally.

Our goal is to always be close at hand and give you the insight and advice you need to make well-founded decisions.