Lead Advisory / M&A

Mazars Lead Advisory assists you with the execution of the entire acquisition or disposal process of a company or part of the operations. Our team has extensive experience in assisting clients to prepare a company for disposal and give advice on the strategy and tactics in the execution. Other examples are "management buy-out", "management buy-in", "spin off" and "carve out".

In a business disposal process we search for buyers on both the Swedish and international market where we effectively make use of Mazars global platform. The disposal process covers several phases where we take responsibility for the entire process from identifying potential buyers and create the sales prospect to contact buyers, advice on bid instructions and attend final negotiations. This approach allows the management to focus on the daily operations, ensuring that sales and profitability stay on track.
During the acquisition process we assist our clients, if needed, to analyze the market drivers, identify interesting target companies and contact them to find out how a process could be formed. We also collect information about the target company and make a preliminary valuation which we will develop further discussions around. Upon successful discussions we conduct a due diligence of the business to understand the risks that must be addressed in the continued negotiations. We make sure to drive the process to completion where we give advice and support during negotiations to reach an agreement that considers your interests as a buyer.