Tax disputes

From time to time, entrepreneurs and the Swedish Tax Agency have different perceptions of what is right and wrong. When the Tax Agency has an opinion that differs from yours, we help you manage the dispute.

We know the laws, we take care of any appeals, and we respond to any queries from the Tax Agency.
That way, you can focus on running your business.

Mazars has a tax disputes group composed of Peter Klintsjö, Fredrik RosénKristoffer Forsberg and Hanna Karlsson.

  • Up until 1998, Peter was a litigator and legal coordinator at the Swedish Tax Agency. Since then, he has managed several court proceedings as the legal representative or counsel for clients at all court instances.
  • Fredrik is a trained associate judge and has worked as a judge in the Administrative Court of Appeal. For the past 20 years, Fredrik has assisted taxpayers in tax disputes, which, in several cases, have been decided by the Supreme Administrative Court after granted review permits.

We can help you with the following:

-          Draft a so-called “open disclosure” in your income tax return to reduce the risk of tax surcharges

           and supplementary  taxation.

-          Assist in tax audits.

-          Answer queries from the Tax Agency.

-          Prepare answers to the Tax Agency’s considerations and proposed decisions.

-          Appeal the Tax Agency's decision or request a reconsideration of a decision already made.

-          Apply for deferment of payment of taxes and tax surcharges.

-          Present your action to the administrative courts (the Administrative Court, the Administrative Court of Appeal,

           and the Supreme Administrative Court).

-          Apply for advance tax rulings in matters where a question of law is unclear (Council for Advance Tax Rulings).

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