Financial Advisory

Our specialists in Financial Advisory can assist you with issues related to acquisitions, disposals, valuations ​​and incentive programs. We also advice you when operations are not performing according to plans. We identify problems and propose an action plan to stop the capital outflow and reverse the negative trend.

Our clients include both medium-sized owner-managed businesses and smaller listed companies or listed companies with divisions or subsidiaries that are in the process of change. Furthermore, we are constantly working with the private equity market, where we offer transaction related services as well as advice on tax and accounting issues and incentive programs among other things.

The common denominator is that everyone strives to evolve for the better. Maybe you want to grow through acquisitions and gain synergies or sell to make the company develop faster with a new owner, either in whole or in part. Alternatively, you need to improve profitability before the company can be further developed. Our specialists have extensive experience in providing advice in connection to acquisitions, disposals, restructuring and other occasions that require different types of approaches and valuations.

Together with other specialists, we find solutions even for the most complex problems you might encounter. As our team has an international outlook from the very beginning, you will have full access to our global presence. We are represented in over 70 countries and we put together a team specially adapted for your purposes.