Consolidated accounts

For the management of several companies within a corporate group, consolidate accounts are invaluable.

One important prerequisite for making the right decision at the right time is the knowledge of the company’s sales and earnings. If the operations are divided among several companies, this information is not always easy to access. That’s when it is necessary to compile consolidated accounts.

Knowledge such as the total equity, not only for the individual companies but for the group as a whole, is needed to enable the board of directors to propose an appropriate dividend payment to the shareholders.

Sometimes, the preparation of consolidated accounts is easy. However it requires that all companies in the group are Swedish, and that no transactions take place between the companies. In most cases, it’s a little more complicated. In such cases, we can help by assuring the consolidated accounts provide a solid foundation for decision-making and, at the same time, serve as useful presentation material when describing the corporate group to a bank, or a customer, for example.

Regardless of whether the company complies with Swedish accounting regulations, or international IFRS regulations, we at Mazars can help.