Ping-Hua Lin Business development manager GCS (Swe)

Ping-Hua Lin

Ping-Hua Lin has a long experience within the Economic domain, foremost as Trade Officer at the Swedish Consulate General in Southern China, where she was committed to promote Swedish business community in China. She also supported the Swedish/Chinese companies when establishing their operations once located in the country. Ping-Hua Lin is the contact person for the Fuijan provincial Chamber of Commerce in the Nordic countries.

She also worked as assistant to the CEO at Envac Guangzhou branch office. Envac AB is a well-known international company within environmentally friendly waste disposal systems. 

林炳華, 在经济领域内她有多年长期的经验. 曾经在瑞典驻广州总领事馆工作, 担任过贸易官员. 她致力于推广瑞典和中国企业在两国之间发展生意. 为企业提供商业平台 . 她也是中国福建省商会在北欧国家的联络人。

她还曾担任Envac(恩华特垃圾自动收集系统)广州分公司首席执行官助理。 Envac AB恩华特公司是环保废物处理系统中的知名国际公司。

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