Owner-operated companies

The auditor’s job is to conduct a review of the annual report and ensure that figures in the report are correct. Earnings, inventories and receivables outstanding must be reported accurately. Clients, suppliers, employees and business partners thereby receive confirmation that everything is in order.


The annual report provides a general insight into a company’s activities. Clients of Mazars SET will receive continuous reconciliations that tell how the company is doing. Working closely on a personal level we analyse the business in depth: are the company’s procedures and flows effective? What is the status of inventories? How is your company’s capital employed? Is there a need for additional financing? Is there financial scope for a dividend? What generates the company’s profits? Are there sections of the company that are unprofitable?


The auditor acts as a sounding board, somebody who is always close by and has time to listen and give advice. At Mazars we know that a good auditor knows his/her companies and is committed to them throughout the entire financial year.