All of our tax lawyers have solid track records in working with owner-managed businesses, ownership planning and restructuring.

Mazars team of tax lawyers and experts have long experience of international taxation, individual taxation, property taxation, transfer pricing, VAT and trust taxation. We also assist clients with tax disputes and acts as an advisor in transactions.

Mazars maintains a long-term relationship with clients and have focus on creating value for our clients. It’s important that our advice is communicated clearly to the customer.

One of Mazars strengths is that we have access to a large international network of skilled tax lawyers that we cooperate closely with and also meet regularly. Our clients can therefore feel confident that no matter if they work in the national market or on international level, Mazars can always offer a complete solution with expert advice.

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Here we present the latest news about what is happening in the tax field both on a national and international level.

Sales of business operations

When companies and/or business operations are sold, it’s important that that they position themselves correctly in order to qualify for deduction entitlements and ensure that they are not subject to unnecessary taxation. It is necessary to find a structure that is adapted specifically to each business.


Restructuring is never a self-evident process of change but rather a tool that is implemented to achieve a goal. Perhaps the market has changed, a divestment may be in order, or a generation shift? One factor is inevitable – the creation of tax effects when transfers of business operations, companies and personnel, are initiated. The method used to implement structural change can also create tax effects, both good and bad.

International tax matters

International tax matters arise as soon as another country becomes involved in any way. The company suddenly becomes subject not only to Swedish tax regulations, but also to the tax regulations of the other country in question, plus any agreements between the two countries.

Generation change

When the time comes for the older generation to step aside and let the younger generation take over, a number of questions always arise. In many cases, a family’s entire fortune is invested in the company.

Tax processes

When the tax authority does not agree with a company’s opinion, we can help to pursue the process.

Value Added Tax (VAT) questions

Questions concerning VAT have become much more complicated and internationalised. The legal system is controlled from an EU perspective and legal cases in other countries can impact Sweden.

Choice of corporate structure

The most common change in corporate structure takes place when a private company is primed for development and restructured to create a limited partnership or limited liability company. The changes and structures adopted by companies, impact on the taxes to their business.


A large number of practical matters need to be addressed when a company is to be formed or discontinued, such as re-registration and deregistration, establishing companies and/or liquidating companies.