Financial Reporting/IFRS

The bigger a company is, the greater its need for concise financial reporting. We can help to produce consolidated financial statements, quarterly reports, annual reports or other forms of financial reports based on the rules and regulations that the company complies with. We make sure that all transactions are presented correctly, regardless of whether they apply to acquisitions, divestments, mergers or demergers.

Annual and interim reports

At least once a year, financial accounts must be compiled and presented in an annual report. The annual report is a requirement of the Companies Act, but its value can be much greater. It can also serve as a valuable tool in efforts to market a company, provided, of course, that the figures are correct and the company’s operations are described in an informative presentation.

IFRS – the international accounting regulations

Perhaps a company is planning on converting to International Financial Reporting Standards, IFRS? The conversion is required before a company can be listed on a regulated market, but the need may also arise under other circumstances, for example if a company is required to report to a foreign parent company.

Beyond the GAAP

Keep up to date in IFRS. Our newsletter Beyond the GAAP addresses all about what's going on in international accounting, IFRS.