Corporate matters

It is impossible for an entrepreneur to know everything about audits, taxes and financial accounting. At certain times, completely different services required whether it’s establishing a new limited liability company or completing a merger or new share issue. Whatever the corporate question, Mazars can help to find the best solutions!

Capital contributions (share issues)

When a company develops and grows, the need for additional capital may arise. There are several alternatives for increasing the company’s capital. For example, money can be lent to the company, or new shares issued to a private party, or to other individuals or companies.

Limited liability company

The establishment of a limited liability company can be a complicated procedure that could take several weeks. For example, it may be necessary for the company to have a corporate identity number immediately, therefore Mazars have an inventory of established limited liability companies that we sell specifically for this purpose. We only require that the company provides the share capital, which currently amounts to SEK 50,000.


When a group has two or three companies but only need one, it is sometimes more beneficial to merge them. A merger is defined as the fusion of one or more companies to form a different company through the transfer of all assets and liabilities to the acquiring company. Mergers offer a means of reducing the number of companies without any loss of business operations.