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Fortnox is an accounting programme that enables customers to access their financial accounts and reports with optimal security, from virtually any computer with Internet access. It provides customers with opportunities for total digital management of their financial accounts, since all accounting information is scanned in and stored at a secure digital archive site. In other words, before any payments are made, all relevant information can be accessed in digital format. It should also be noted that general recommendations of the Swedish Accounting Standards Board stipulate that all information received in paper format must be filed in paper format, even if the information has already been scanned.

Fortnox is not only an accounting programme – it can also be expanded to create a complete business system with functions for invoicing, ordering, wages and salaries, customer care and e-commerce. It also provides opportunities to use e-invoicing, which is both cost-effective and efficient – not to mention environment friendly.

All the modules are interfaced with each other so that time reports can be used automatically as basic information for invoicing and payroll management requirements. Everything is entered automatically in the accounts.

By using Fortnox, we reduce the amount of time spent on financial accounting and increase our control over the accounts. Financial accounts in digital format also enhance audit efficiency, since there is no longer any need to leaf through folders trying to find certain information.

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