Our accounting department offers a broad range of services from accounting questions and payroll management on a current-account basis; to closing accounts and annual report issues. We can help businesses to gain efficient control over their accounts by creating procedures for continuous reconciliations and internal control.

Head of Accounting

Final accounts

We help you to establish a proper period and annual GAAP in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Analysis of your company's numbers

Do you need to benchmark your company against the industry you operate in? Or do you want to benchmark against certain selected competitors? Maybe you simply want to see how your company is doing?

Business plan

Vi can help you create a business plan where we include budget and credit requirement numbers.

Ongoing reconciliations

We can help with ongoing reconciliations of your accounts, or create mechanisms for reconciliations to ensure that you get a good reporting.


The general running of a business is time-consuming, so much so that often the financial accounts are left to the evening hours or weekends.


Expense provides a web-based receipt management service with its mobile application.


We have extensive experience of working with e-bookkeeping from Speedledger.

Finance Manager for rent

Do you need to temporarily hire a finance manager? The reasons may be many, such as maternity leave, long-term sickness or to cover a position during a recruitment process.