Working abroad with Mazars

Mazars is expanding globally and can offer many opportunities for international posts.

After approximately three to five years of employment, you will have the possibility of applying for a permanent or temporary job abroad within the Mazars organisation. Requirements will vary, depending on the position applied for and the country involved.

Jobs abroad usually take the form of you assuming a position at an already established office to further develop your skills in a different environment and obtain an international perspective in your career, or your participation in the establishment of a new Mazars office to develop your entrepreneurial skills as a pioneer of a new market.

In most cases, foreign posts involve a two- to three-year contract, after which you will either move on to another country or return home for your continued development. Apart from long-term foreign posts, there are also opportunities for short-term assignments, work experience during university studies or direct applications for positions at Mazars’ offices abroad.

All opportunities are advertised internally.