Participate in Mazars' activities

You will also develop personally by participating and contributing to Mazars’ development through internal projects and activities.

University contacts

As an ambassador of Mazars, you can participate in job fairs and various types of undergraduate meetings throughout the country.

You can join one of our recruitment teams on the completion of specialised training for this purpose, and participate in the recruitment of fresh graduates.

Depending on your experience, you may hold short lectures, arrange meetings for the exchange of experience or conduct internal courses through our training programme. Our instructors are primarily active accountants of various ages.

As a senior and seasoned employee, you may take on a new employee as a mentor. You will follow your employees for many years in this role, so this is a very significant task.

Our group activities, office activities and staff-association activities collectively contribute to the sense of community at Mazars, and we invest significantly in meetings and the creation of positive dialogue and communications.

Every year, we hold an accounting-firm conference with all employees in Sweden, and organise the “Mazariades” where a large number of employees from throughout the world meet to establish connections and have fun together.