From fresh graduate to authorised accountant

As a graduate you will broaden your skills and quickly acquire greater responsibilities. That is how you will get to share our entrepreneurial spirit.

At Mazars SET, your career development programme will focus on your own customer responsibilities in regard to assignments resulting from your personal efforts, as well as production responsibilities for larger assignments. There are several phases in your career development toward becoming an authorised accountant and you may yourself influence the pace of your development:

• You begin by working as an accountant in smaller assignments or as a part of various teams
• Within a year or several years, you are ready to assume full production responsibility for smaller assignments
• You gradually take on the role of being in charge of various production teams
• As an authorised accountant, you will become the statutory auditor of your own assignments or be in charge of the production of larger assignments
Initially you will not be assigned to work in specific business sectors or industries. This will enable you to get a feel for the area you are most interested in during the first year and perhaps to eventually find your own niche.