Your development at Mazars

We provide you with opportunities for career advancement in a work environment that allows you to contribute and make a difference.

You are not required to choose an area of focus or specialisation at an early stage, and you will be afforded the time to find out what suits you best.

From early on, you will be able to contribute to shared activities internally at Mazars. You can assist in undergraduate activities and in the recruitment of fresh graduates. You can give lectures and hold courses for younger employees. You can take an active role in marketing activities and also initiate your own activities.

If you are interested in working abroad, you may apply for positions within Mazars’ international organisation.

To assist you in managing a demanding job, we provide possibilities for a high degree of autonomy and flexibility at work. We also do our best to ease the balance between the needs of your customers and your family, especially during your children’s early childhood years.

We invest in creating a positive work environment and atmosphere, and in resources for providing extra personal support to employees when required.

We strive to maintain continued positive contact with those who have left Mazars through our Alumni network.