Our new employees

What qualities do we seek?

We want to emphasise the three qualities that we value highly and which are required in order for us to be successful and develop together at Mazars SET:

You are performance-oriented
Our advice and recommendations should create distinct added value for our customers. We achieve this through a high level of expertise and professionalism. We must show clear results, often despite difficult situations, complex issues and tight deadlines. Our method of working requires strong commitment and a high degree of consistency.

You are a team player
Together we will succeed. We must be able to function well as members of teams and also be able to form and develop strong teams ourselves to provide our customers with our very best services.

You are open-minded
We believe that diversity and differences provide the best dynamic and facilitate the best results. What matters is that we are able to listen and take into consideration various approaches and viewpoints, while steering clear of preconceived notions in order to arrive at the best possible decisions. For us, variations in environment, personality and the framing of issues are quite natural. Our open-mindedness creates flexibility and helps us to face ever-shifting challenges in our work.