The recruitment process

Together we succeed

We attach great importance to our recruitment process. When we recruit new employees, we look for team players with open minds and a distinct customer-oriented focus. Each employee must feel that what they do as an individual matters to the overall situation.

We seek employees with a mix of backgrounds, experiences and personalities – both analysts and practitioners alike, with open minds, a team spirit and a definite customer-oriented focus. We place our customers’ needs first and our approach is that every problem has a solution.

Our recruitment process is straightforward and focused on providing the best possible decision-making basis, both for the firm and the applicants who seek our employment. Our recruiters are mainly accountants who know their profession well, as well as our colleagues. This makes it easier for you when you begin working with us.

We are careful to be clear about what we are offering and what we expect. We have made it easy for you to apply for a job with us by using the simple application form on our website, and we carefully consider and reply to each application received.

If you are invited to an interview, you will meet several future colleagues and managers and there will be ample opportunity for you to get to know us and for us to learn more about you, for creating the best possible conditions to ensure that our new employees will be comfortable with us and with the challenges in their professional capacity.

See our job openings and use our web application form for a spontaneous application. We guarantee to read all submitted applications and get back to you with a reply.