Mazars awards sustainable businesses

The auditing and consulting firm Mazars has established a new award that recognizes
sustainable companies. This year's prize went to the Landskrona based company Parajett,
which reengineers its activities based on the changes in the outside world.

PRESS RELEASE 2013-05-16

Mazars awards sustainable businesses

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Mazars grants for the first time the Entrepreneur Prize for sustainable business. The prize went to the Landskrona based company Parajett. Here,  Mazars CEO, Marianne Sandén Ljungberg, presents the prize to Parajetts CEO, Anders Persson.

Peter Pankko (to the right) and Anders Björnstedt from Mazars in Landskrona presents diplomas to Anders Persson, CEO Parajett.

Proud and happy prizewinners, (from the left) Per-Anders Olsson, vice President, Anders Persson, CEO and David O, owner and former CEO of Parajett.